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  1. Pedestal Fish

  2. Cold Water Fish

  3. Warm Water Fish

  4. Closed Mouth Whitetail

  5. Open Mouth Whitetail (or teeth showing)

  6. Bird

  7. Upland Game Bird/ Non Game Bird

  8. Turkey

  9. Reptile

  10. Gamehead

  11. Large Mammal (coyote or larger)

  12. Small Mammal (smaller than coyote)

  13. Original Art

  14. Reproduction

  15. Collective Artist

  16. Masters of Masters

*Please Note: The Original Art category is an open division. All other categories are available in all other divisions. Awards are given to the highest scoring blue ribbon mounts in the Professional and Master divisions. Awards are also given for each category in the Amateur division and ribbons in the Open division.


  1. Youth - 0-15 years of age

  2. Amateur - Beginner or first time taxidermist

  3. Professional - Taxidermists with advanced techniques in competition mounts. Judged with tough standards.

  4. Master - Taxidermist who wants a higher judging standard. Those entering this division should have mastered all the taxidermy skills.

  5. Open - All taxidermists entering mounts in Original Art.

  6. Commercial - Judges will only critique from a distance. No flash lights or hands on. If you have a mount that had some drumming or issues after completing your mount but standing back it looks great. (This is what the division is for to show off your talents)

*Please Note: You may enter any division you feel comfortable with. However, after 3 BLUE RIBBONS in the Amateur Division, you must advance to the Professional Division in the category alone. (This rule only applies to the Amateur Division) If you move up in one category, that does not automatically move you up in all categories. Multiple mounts entered in the same category must be entered in the same division as well. You may move up to the Master Division at your discretion. If you are unsure which category or division your mount should be in, please contact us and we would be more than welcome to help you.





1. ALL taxidermy work must be done by the entrant only. NO COACHING OR ASSISTANCE OF ANY KIND. The board members have the right to disqualify current or future mounts and revoke past awards.


2. Mounts depicting bad taste, vulgar language, or a man inflicting pain will NOT be accepted. 


3. Mounts that have been entered into the National or World Competitions may be entered as long as the mount did not receive NATIONAL CHAMPION nor the WORLD CHAMPION MEDALLION winner. Those that have won the NATIONAL CHAMPION or WORLD MEDALLION may enter into the Masters of Masters category.


4. Grooming will take in a designated area 10 minutes prior to check-in of mount/s.


5. All mounts must remain for the duration of the show.  For true emergencies, please see a board member.


6. Reproduction fish, reptiles, and 3D printed items MUST be entered in the Reproduction Category.


7. Out-of-state members must be AIT members for at least 2 consecutive years before competing for the "Best All Around Taxidermist" award.

8. Your registered/paid for entry can only be entered into the AIT show ONE time only, except for Masters of Masters. (Must abide by the rules under that category to enter.)

9. If ANY of the Official Rules & Guidelines set by the AIT and it's board members are broken, we reserve the right to ban you from entering in any or all future shows.



As adopted in 1980 this organization was named the Association of Indiana Taxidermist or referred to as A.I.T.
This association is for all taxidermist and related business to taxidermy as well as their families. This organization shall be for improving the standards of taxidermy and to make the general public aware of this profession.
  • To further contact and relate better understanding among taxidermists and related industries.
  • To unite all interested taxidermists into one organization.
  • To disseminate pertinent information, ideas, and suggestions to all fellow members in good standing.
  • To aid the taxidermists as a whole, by lobbying in state and federal legislation for fair and just laws pertaining to taxidermy.
  • To function as a non-profit educational organization dedicated to promoting conservation of wildlife through the preservation of specimens to the highest standards of the taxidermy art.
  • Membership is open to all taxidermists, professional or amateur, and closely related industry. Provided dues are paid in full.
  • All members shall adhere to State and Federal Game Law Regulations.
  • Membership dues may change at the discretion of the Board of Directors.
  • Membership renewal dues must be paid by the annual convention or before. Dues not paid by annual convention will have their membership terminated and shall lose all membership benefits and privileges and will no longer be considered a member in good standing.
  • Failure to renew membership – Any member failing to pay annual dues.
  • Members shall refrain from actions or activities, which are detrimental to the organization.
  • Withdrawal – Any member may withdraw his/her membership upon giving notice to the President or Secretary, by written letter, phone, or email.
  • Expulsion – Any member may be expelled upon notice of the charges brought against him/her. The Board of Directors will establish the length of time. (Requires 2/3 vote of the Board of Directors).
  • Refund of Dues – There shall be no refund of dues for Withdrawal or Expulsion.
  • Any member expelled must attend a Board Meeting to ask the Board of Directors for a reinstatement of membership. He/She must receive 2/3 affirmative vote of the board.
  • The annual show registration fee is $100.00 for single and $115.00 for family.
  • The annual membership fee is $50.00.
  • A one day show pass is $75.00. That includes your membership fee. (For vendors discount and attending seminars only. Mount registration not available.)
  • All dues payable in advance are due by the show date of each year.
  • Any member not paying dues by the show date will automatically lose their membership.
  • Dues collected are used for all the members benefit only!
  • The cost to enter a mount at a show is $25.00 for the first mount and $15.00 for each additional mount. Mounts entered in the youth category are free if the parent or sponsor is a member in good standing. Youth category is 15 years old and younger.
  • No other assessments shall be levied unless deemed appropriate and necessary and by a two-thirds vote of the members.
  • There are four (4) elected Officers – President, Vice President,
Secretary, Treasurer and six (6) elected Board of Directors.
  • Qualification for Officers –
    • Must be a member in good standing for two years.
    • Must have served one term on the Board of Directors.
  • Qualification for Board of Directors –
    • Must be a member in good standing for one year.
  • Term of Office –
    • Officers and Board of Directors terms commence with installation at the spring convention.
    • Election will take place every two years for the board members and every three years for officers.
    • An officer may be reelected for another term only once for that office.
    • The board member may continue to run every two years.
    • Officers may run again after being out of office for two years.
  • Elections shall be by written secret ballot at the spring convention.
  • Election results must be kept for one year.
  • Election results will be made available to all members.
  • Candidates must receive a majority vote of all ballots cast.
  • In case of a tie, a runoff will immediately follow.
  • If only one nominee runs for an office, that nominee runs unopposed.
  • Nominations may be made by officers or any A.I.T. member.
  • Vacancies –
    • Vacancy of the President will be assumed by the Vice President for the remainder of the term.
    • The Board shall appoint a vacancy in any office.
    • Vacancy of a Board Member will be filled by next in line from previous election. This appointment is subject to 2/3 majority vote of the Board of Directors.
  • Removal from Office –
    • Any Officer or Board of Director may be removed from office by 2/3 vote of the Board of Directors.
  • President –
    1. To schedule at least four board meetings a year (one per quarter) before a scheduled competition meeting.
    2. To schedule and organize the competitions.
    3. To preside at all times over all matters relating to the profession at given meetings and competitions.
    4. To relate and create a better fellowship with all members and other state and federal associations.
    5. To always strive for the betterment of this association.
    6. When voting for new amendments or making final decisions, the president’s vote will be cast only to break ties.
  • Vice President 
    1. Perform Presidential duties in the absence of the President or at the request of the President.
    2. To assist the President at all times in the duties established in section A.
    3. The Vice President shall perform other such duties as the President my assign.
    4. The Vice President shall be a voting member of the Board of Directors.
  • Secretary –
    1. The Secretary shall attend all regular session and special session meetings of the Board of Directors, and shall attend all official meetings of the A.I.T.
    2. Keep updated and accurate reports of all membership, old and new.
    3. To record all amendments and resolutions for board meetings as well as recording the minutes of the meetings.
    4. The Secretary shall perform other duties as the President may assign.
    5. The Secretary shall be a voting member of the Board of Directors.
  • Treasurer -
    1. The Treasurer shall preserve all financial record of all transactions involving the A.I.T.
    2. To provide a report at every board meeting.
    3. To provide a report at least once yearly to all members.
    4. To maintain all monetary matters in one financial institute.
    5. The Treasurer shall be a voting member of the Board of Directors.
  • Board of Directors –
    1. Must attend three of the four board meetings per year.
    2. To assist all elected officers in their duties when they need assistance.
    3. To create and explore new ideas for the betterment of the A.I.T.
    4. The Board of Directors has the authority to, by two-thirds majority vote, to remove any Officer, Board Member or Member, for cause.
    5. Board members shall attend all A.I.T. conventions.
A. Members in good standing may vote upon any matter coming
before this association.
  • Only one vote may be cast per individual.
These bylaws may be amended by affirmative vote of two-thirds of
the board members. Membership upon petition and two-thirds votes
of the membership can override the decision of the board members.
“Roberts’s Rules of Order” shall be govern at all A.I.T. board meetings, and in all cases not provided in these bylaws.
For any reason whatsoever legal action cannot be taken against this
organization. If a dispute arises, the two parties responsible shall be
required to settle their matters on their own expense and time!
This association is solely for the benefit of each and everyone involved. Its purpose is to create unity and friendship among the taxidermist of this association. You are this association; it is a reflection of the duties that you care to put forth. Fairness and respect must always be given as well as received.
Revised and Approved 02/20/18
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